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Anything but Typical

What Makes CorpInfoTech

Different, Atypical, Awesome?


We'll be honest with you: We're not for everyone.

In fact, if you can positively affirm the following about your MSP, you should probably stay with them:

  • My MSP understands me, my goals and what I'm trying to accomplish, my company, and my industry.
  • My MSP cares if I'm successful.  They meet with me at least quarterly to understand changes in my business and update our five year IT plan.  This insures that my IT is meeting our needs, scaling for the future, budgeted, and employees are happy.
  • My MSP is there for me - not only meeting SLA's for issues both critical and minor, but a true strategic partner standing on the wall to keep me safe.
  • I don't get surprise bills, and I pay my MSP less in fees that I receive in value.

Again, if that sounds like your MSP, by all means, stay with them. 
But, if it doesn't, LET'S TALK.

The BIG 5 Reasons MSP's Get Fired

  • Fell in love with the A team but later all I got was the C team

  • Employees would rather find a work around than call for support.

  • We outgrew the capabilities or our MSP.

  • Has a security incident or worried they don't know enough to keep us safe.

  • Unexpected and confusing bills.